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About Us
Classic & Ideal
History is the pride of this land and arts is in its roots.

The heritage is kept alive with us, the Indraprastha Hotel, which invites you for a celebration in luxury. Holding the beauty and purity of village is the welcome offered here at the entrance, to a culture and tradition marked with luxury.

Cradle of Luxury
The cradle of bravery and art forms transforms as a cradle of luxury through the path of hospitality. The purest of luxury, to get you comfort in the facility packed bedrooms classified as Deluxe, Suite and Standard rooms. A state-of-the-art facility to ensure maximum comfort and the ambience is a mixture of culture to get you relief.

Blossom the Life
While life is flowing busy in the world around, the life inside the Deluxe bedrooms blossoms. Feel at home when you are here at this classy atmosphere. Rich ambience brings the purity to life and this world is a beautiful place to live in.

Finest of Tastes
The finest of the tastes is catered at the food outlets. Tastes to relish starts at the multi-cuisine restaurant- “Indralayam”. Take a trip among world class tastes in world class ambience. Coffee shop, “Kalindi” is more than coffee beans refreshment at Indraprastha, with the special varieties of snacks it offers. Add spice to your life at the speciality restaurant, “Indrapuri”.

Luxury in Business
Busy days of business is smoothened and transformed at our business centers. The conference hall, Mafil accompanied by Durbar, the banquet hall and Senate, the Boardroom is exclusively designed for the business needs. Just do your business at these stages, the remaining will be handled by our professional back up.